Climotion system /
How it works

Climotion system

The Climotion system is an operating system for climate control and regulation. This technical solution allows you to reduce power consumption and increase the level of comfort for the user in the building. Controlling the supply of air to the room is organized by an omnidirectional flow of air which is evenly mixed within the premise. The system is controlled by a special algorithm called Climotion.
Innovative technology is developed in form of the intellectual control algorithm and patented in 90s by German engineer Albert Bauer.
The patent was brought out by “Bosch” and in cooperation with the leading European manufacturers of automation systems such as “Honeywell”,”Siemens”,”Kebek & Peter” “Climotion” technology based solutions were introduced at European facilities for reconstruction and construction of new facilities. “BaOpt” (Dutch) will be the new owner and distributor of “Climotion” technology after 2018. From the end of 2021, "Triglav Inzeniring, d. o. o" is a partner of Climotion.


Technology working principle

The Climotion system is designed to control ventilation systems that operate on the principle of air distribution. The supply air flow is unidirectional, as the air passes over the entire surface in the direction of the main direction of motion, and non-unidirectional (diffused) when the air circulated in the room in various directions.

The Climotion system utiles scattered chaotic air currents. The scattered flow makes it possible to avoid, for example, the Coanda effect (due to the temperature gradient, rather than the air-outlet chambers) and other negative effects.

How it works:

The overpressure of 5-8 PA changes the motion of the air in the premises so it evenly fills entire space of the room. Such parameters as pressure, temperature, humidity and carbon dioxide content in the air are constantly monitored. Variable airflow control is based on these parameters.